The boards of listed as well as non-listed companies have recently come under increased scrutiny both from regulatory bodies and investors, in particular in the context of the recent financial crisis. Corporate governance best practice and diversity are some of the key issues that dominate the agenda.

In addition, boards are increasingly expected to be making a contribution to value creation. In the area of risk management too, corporate governance is taking centre stage, often making it necessary to rebuild decision-making bodies. Sound professional knowledge, an outstanding reputation as well as personal and ethical integrity are indispensable requirements.

The Heads! Board Practice is one of the largest of its kind with extensive experience in this area. We assess existing boards and their composition to create ideal search profiles. Our clients include:

  • Publicly-listed companies
  • Private equity and venture capital portfolio companies
  • Family-run companies (small, medium-sized and large)
The Heads! Board Practice has extensive know-how covering all sectors and a wide-ranging international network. As a result, we can find the right candidate for executive positions within just 90 days.

Reference projects:
  • Chairman – Public global financial services company
  • Chairman – Private-equity owned leisure industry business services provider
  • Chairman – Leading European food producer
  • Chairman – Leading toy manufacturer
  • Non-Executive Board Members – Public telecom provider
  • Non-Executive Board Members – Retail and logistics holding company
  • Non-Executive Board Members – Public technology group
  • Non-Executive Board Member – Global consumer goods company
  • Non-Executive Board Member – European lifestyle group