Executive Search

In searching for high performers that match our clients' individual requirements in terms of professional, intellectual and social competence, we work together with our clients from the briefing right up to integrating the successful candidate.

Thanks to this highly transparent strategic approach, we are able to identify the best candidates for our clients in the shortest possible time while ensuring long-term success for the candidate.
  • 1Client briefing / specifications
  • Client briefing / specifications
    Together with our clients, we draw up a complete description of the post to be filled comprising the following information:

    Information about the company

    Market position

    Competitive differentiation

    Strategies for the future

    SWOT analysis

    Description of the position

    Core functions and competencies

    Performance criteria


    Candidate requirements


    Professional experience


  • 2Market and data research
  • Market and data research
    Within a week, we compile a list of target companies based on the following criteria:

    Client data




    Related industries

    Function-related data

    Companies with equivalent positions

    Companies with similar positions

    Industries/companies with similar market maturity

    At the same time, we check whether candidates in our pool match the requirements in the briefing.
  • 3Approaching candidates
  • Approaching candidates

    Potential candidates are carefully assessed regarding their qualification for the position and their willingness to change employer

    Our clients then receive brief candidate profiles in written form, while any modifications to the briefing are discussed on an ongoing basis

  • 4Personal interviews / confidential report
  • Personal interviews / confidential report

    Face-to-face candidate interviews are conducted exclusively by consultants with a focus on the candidate's professional, intellectual and social competence.

    The client is given a confidential report on the most suitable candidates. This includes detailed information on their education, career, conditions, reasons for changing employer and personal impact, together with a personal recommendation.

  • 5Candidate presentations
  • Candidate presentations
    We accompany and chair the candidate presentations.

    Interviews are carefully coordinated so that several can be held on one day. Subsequently, we inform the candidates quickly and responsibly of the decision made.
  • 6Reference check
  • Reference check

    Disclosed and undisclosed references are obtained on request

    We only accept references from the last five years

  • 7Integration support
  • Integration support
    We support candidates during their initial period in the company, ensuring a smooth transition to the new working environment.

    To guarantee the candidate's success in the new position in the long term, we support his or her personal and situational development in the company, if requested by the company's HR and management