Heads! Leadership Assessment

The Heads! Leadership Assessment is the procedure of choice in turnaround situations when it comes to identifying potential in the area of human resources, recognizing talent, deriving the need for development and closing any gaps in key functions that are essential for a company’s future success.

Based on the underlying leadership competence model, the Heads! Leadership Assessment combines intellectual, professional and social competence in an inseparable entity.

Objectives of the Leadership Assessment

The aim of the audit is to answer the following questions objectively and comparably:

  • Do we have the right employees on board for the major challenges the company faces in achieving its short and medium-term goals?
  • What potential is available but has not yet been fully captured?
  • Which competencies need to be supported with personal development measures and which should be supplemented by hiring new staff?

The five phases of the Heads! Leadership Assessment
This proven procedure ensures that the audit is executed efficiently and put into practice effectively.

  • 1Potential strategy
  • Potential strategy

    Incorporating strategic corporate objectives

  • 2Potential status
  • Potential status

    Analyzing leadership potential in defined key positions

  • 3Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis

    Revealing the discrepancy between strategic requirements and status

    SWOT analysis both for individuals and the group

  • 4Intervention
  • Intervention

    Drawing up and implementing company-specific measures to optimize potential

  • 5Transfer assurance
  • Transfer assurance

    Success by accompanying and enhancing the process