Real Estate

Real Estate has always been a safe haven for investors. Even in turbulent times, the world of Real Assets is a place of relative comfort for institutions and individuals alike. From urbanisation to advancements in technology, construction and sustainability, the sector drives how people live, work and shop around the world.

Evolving macro trends and regulatory environments will continue to create the need for talent to foresee and manage changing priorities, at the strategic and ground levels. Our global presence allows us to work seamlessly across geographies and stay attuned to each local market.

We understand the challenges and opportunities in Real Estate, having worked with multi-billion market leaders, as well as regional newcomers. Our Real Estate practice operates across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, covering all senior functions for

  • investors (e.g. asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and private equity firms)
  • owners and developers
  • service providers (e.g. advisory, brokerage, placement agents)
  • commercial and investment banks
  • corporates
As one of the leading players in executive recruitment, we offer exceptional research capabilities and global reach, alongside extensive local connections. Our methodology relies on meticulous candidate profiling to align skills and expertise to your business needs. We assemble global research teams and utilise proprietary candidate assessment tools, allowing us to deliver complex projects more efficiently.

Example mandates:
  • Chief Executive Officer, Regional Hospitality Platform
  • Chief Financial Officer, Singapore REIT
  • Chief Investment Officer, Tier 1 Private Equity Firm
  • Head of Business Development, Top Tier Investment Bank
  • Head of Finance, Portfolio Company for a Tier 1 Private Equity Firm
  • Regional Head of Research & Strategy, Investment Banks and Private Equity Firms
  • Director of Fund Administration, major US-headquartered Insurance Company
  • Director of Development, major international Development Company
  • Principal, Tier 1 Private Equity Firm
  • Director, Fund Management, multiple investment platforms
  • Director, Portfolio Management, major Investment Bank